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Wyrming mainly in Englishes and Frenches — on books mostly written in those, in Germans, and in Japaneses. Unreliable translator.

Most of this account is designated “followers‐only”, for the cosiness.

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My user avatar is a rainbow lorikeet feeding on orange gum blossoms — photographed above a suburban nature strip, on Boon Wurrung Country.

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Das geheime Band zwischen Mensch und Natur (Hardcover, de language, 2019, Ludwig Verlag) 1 star

Haben Menschen, ähnlich wie manche Tiere, eine Art siebten Sinn für Gefahr? Ist es möglich, …

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wants to read 地球星人 by 村田沙耶香

地球星人 (Paperback, ja-Jpan-JP language, 2021, 新潮社) 4 stars


Truly the longest of shots, as I don’t know that one’s been produced, but would anyone happen to have a spoken edition of this I could borrow?

(It’s Earthlings in the original Japanese).

Care of Australian Wildlife (Paperback, en-Latn-AU language, 2010, New Holland) 5 stars

Care of Australian Wildlife is the definitive guide for all Australians wishing to protect and …

decisive in a crisis, important in the ordinary

5 stars

Exemplary, clear and thorough guidance on first aid, rehabilitation, and resolving awkward encounters, along with well-rounded advice on planning garden spaces, managing habitat, and incorporating furnishings (such as nest boxes, birdbaths and possum thoroughfares) to support wildlife.

Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt (Paperback, en-Latn-AU language, 2002, Earthcare St Kilda) 5 stars

Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt is a gardening book which will increase your understanding of …

a grounded grounding

5 stars

Guess what sits top of the list Gardening in Naarm’s Sandbelt, where I wrote what seems review enough I figured I’d expand slightly on it with an actual one.

Grounded in the very geology of the place, this is a slim but rich introduction to a representative selection of local plant species, and assisting them in forming communities.

It is useful as! The authors strike a fine balance, which the clear presentation makes look so easy: being welcoming to beginners, reaching deep for the hardcore, and always keeping things convenient. It’s a surprise not to have met more books of this formula, as such guides could obviously be immensely beneficial in all kinds of places.

The text isn’t perfect. My biggest gripes are wordings that would confine Aboriginal practices to the past, and quite so readily condoning resort to rank pesticide.

I might have liked slightly more attention on …

Queer Out Here Issue 00 (AudiobookFormat, en-Zxxx language, 2017) 5 stars

Allysse and Jonathan discuss how being queer/LGBTQIA+ might affect a person’s outdoor experiences, connections between …

Alrighty, BookWyrms — you’ve got a fair few zines now, on top of audiobooks. How about a lovely audiozine?

This one’s probably up a lot of our alleys, actually! Certainly I feel like wending through the back issues afresh, once I run out of current audiobook, in a couple of hours’ listening time.

Meanwhile, for a few short more weeks, Allysse and Jonathan are inviting people to contribute to Queer Out Here Issue 08, with the optional theme of direction!

Our Sunburnt Country (AudiobookFormat, en-Zxxx-AU language, 2021, Macmillan Australia) 4 stars

Anika Molesworth fell in love with her family's farm, a sheep station near Broken Hill, …

en-Zxxx-AU, baby!

Dunno about everybody else perusing #BookWyrm book databases, but I find the shorthand much less irritating than words fixed firmly out of translation such that they clash with all but one language interface. Of course, not all language variants star in the language-subtag-registry, in which case I say name ’em in their own words! (Or close to as practicable). Getting to pointedly specify en-Latn, with nobody around yet to be potentially bothered by my acting as though particular scripts shouldn’t go without saying, has been one of the little joys of nesting into We Loved Your Book So Much We Ate It, actually. If I ever get to the braille library (gosh if it’s even still open to the public after all these years), I’ll be so excited to label editions on here nice and clearly.

Anyhoo, may I remember to reborrow audiobook loans part‐heard …