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This is snailhuddle’s BookWyrm site.

Its logo depicts printed matter which has been subjected to a voracious readership of actual snails.

The title We Loved Your Book So Much We Ate It refers to an anecdote of Maurice Sendak’s, from an interview with Terry Gross — ‘Sendak on Childhood.’, Fresh Air, 15 April 1986. The story comes towards the end of the recording, between 26:50–27:48.

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Recent Books

Greenwood (Paperback, en-Latn-CA language, 2020, Scribe) 5 stars



2038. On a remote island off the Pacific coast of British Columbia stands the Greenwood Arboreal Cathedral, one of the world’s last forests. Wealthy tourists flock from all corners of the dust-choked globe to see the spectacle and remember what once was. But even as they breathe in the fresh …

Everything Feels Like the End of the World (Paperback, en-Latn-AU language, 2022, Allen & Unwin) 1 star

Everything Feels Like the End of the World


Everything Feels Like the End of the World is a collection of short speculative fiction exploring possible futures in an Australia not so different from our present day to one thousands of years into an unrecognisable future.

Each story is anchored, at its heart, in what it means to be …