Care of Australian Wildlife

For Gardeners, Landholders and Wildlife Carers

Revised edition, 152 pages

en-Latn-AU language

Published Jan. 1, 2010 by New Holland.

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Care of Australian Wildlife is the definitive guide for all Australians wishing to protect and care for Australia’s amazing wildlife and to help minimise the effect of urban and rural sprawl on the environment. Now revised and with completely up-to-date resources, this accessible and practical guide outlines the numerous dangers facing our native animals and how to care for the sick and injured, including:

  • the appropriate food and shelter necessary to aid rehabilitation
  • emergency care and first-aid for native mammals, birds and reptiles
  • case studies detailing how injury to native animals can occur and ways to prevent it
  • when to release recovering animals back into the wild
  • how to hand-rear orphaned animals
  • the natural habitat and diet of various Australian species
  • nutritious homemade recipes for injured animals.

Black and white illustrations, colour photographs, and feature boxes complement the authoritative text.

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  • Natural history
  • Wildlife rehabilitation -- Australia
  • Wildlife rescue -- Australia
  • Wildlife conservation -- Australia
  • First aid for animals