We Loved Your Book So Much We Ate It

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This is snailhuddle’s BookWyrm site.

Its logo depicts printed matter which has been subjected to a voracious readership of actual snails.

The title We Loved Your Book So Much We Ate It refers to an anecdote of Maurice Sendak’s, from an interview with Terry Gross — ‘Sendak on Childhood.’, Fresh Air, 15 April 1986. The story comes towards the end of the recording, between 26:50–27:48.

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BookWyrm is a federating platform, which means our server shares certain information (including book and author details, user profiles, posts, comments, and direct messages) with other servers. These other servers will have their own policies!

This privacy policy needs work, clearly, but the gist should be something along the lines of: [we] won’t be snooping or selling; will be proactively precautionary.