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Emphasising indigenous ecosystems.

  1. Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt by , , , and 3 others

    5 stars

    Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt is a gardening book which will increase your understanding of the local environment and enable …

    wrul (they, iel, etc) says:

    Grounded in the very geology of the place, this is a slim but rich introduction to a representative selection of local plant species, and assisting them in forming communities. Useful as!

    Commonly held by public library services around the region, although worryingly out of print.

  2. Care of Australian Wildlife by ,

    5 stars

    Care of Australian Wildlife is the definitive guide for all Australians wishing to protect and care for Australia’s amazing wildlife …

    wrul (they, iel, etc) says:

    Exemplary, clear and thorough guidance on first aid, rehabilitation, and resolving awkward encounters, along with well-rounded advice on planning garden spaces, managing habitat, and incorporating furnishings (such as nest boxes, birdbaths and possum thoroughfares) to support wildlife.

  3. Flora of Melbourne by ,

    No rating

    Whether to be used as a resource for re-establishing the original vegetation of an area, as a field guide, or …

    wrul (they, iel, etc) says:

    Great supplement to more localised guides. Essential species info, insightfully illustrated, dotted with dense notes on distribution.

    Spanning the basalt plains, various foothills, tertiary plains, coastal areas, and wetlands, this is equally useful all around the city and its surrounds.

  4. Melbourne's Wildlife by 

    No rating

    The bushland, parks, gardens and waters of Greater Melbourne support an amazing diversity of animals, including many rare and endangered …

    wrul (they, iel, etc) says:

    Meet some more of the locals! Despite being (by necessity) far from comprehensive, this guide packs in a huge variety of animals.

    The fascinating profiles are particularly demystifying of those creepy crawlies frequently encountered while weeding, rummaging, and planting.

  5. Trees of Victoria and Adjoining Areas by 

    No rating

    Since Trees of Victoria was first produced in 1966, it has become widely known as the standard introduction to the …

    wrul (they, iel, etc) says:

    Incomparable pocket directory of most taller residents.

  6. wrul (they, iel, etc) says:

    Often helpful when a garden bemuses with its popular exotics. Manipulate shade deciduously, select a bareroot friend, tend a turf, choose an appropriate propagation technique, all that jazz.

    Sports a few stunning shots, too.

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