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Este libro recoge el diálogo mantenido entre Donna Haraway y Marta Segarra con el que …

Creo que este libro se consigue fácil en España, y me parece una buena opción para “tirarse a la pileta” de Donna, ya que es corto (80 páginas) y va muy al grano en todo.

Quiero decir es que no es una introducción al uso sino que, antes al contrario, es caer en medio de una conversación en la que, seguro, aparecen multitud de términos extraños. Precisamente términos y frases para subrayar y buscar diálogo con otres, iniciadas o no.

Hasta aquí la recomendación.

Me tomo ahora una libertad: escribo estas palabras desde BookWyrm, y lo siguiente despierta mi curiosidad: ¿qué tan conectadas están las distintas islas del Fediverso? Si yo refiero aquí a #BookWyrm y a #lecturascasaarbol ¿se propaga mi entrada a las personas suscritas en Mastodon a esas etiquetas? En cualquier caso, lo hagan o no, feliz lectura.

Aha, obviously I wasn't paying the closest attention to #BookWyrm development discussions mid last year, because much of the underlying cause of these problems is already to be resolved in a big refactor of the underlying reading -status and -activity logic[1].

There's something to be flagged here about editions versus works, but I'm much too tired to keep track of my own thoughts on it. Broadly speaking, though: hopefully these two critically distinct technical roles will not get muddled up in all the talk of books because in some cases "book" really ought to be either "edition" or "work" and to assume the wrong meaning would cause hassle down the line! [2]

In the meantime, I am going to wean myself off the buzz of keeping absolutely complete records through status-shelving[3]; learn to love the annual Reading Goal page as a clue to the state of each edition's …

Das geheime Band zwischen Mensch und Natur (Hardcover, de language, 2019, Ludwig Verlag) 1 star

Haben Menschen, ähnlich wie manche Tiere, eine Art siebten Sinn für Gefahr? Ist es möglich, …

Content warning BookWyrm the software

Our Sunburnt Country (AudiobookFormat, en-Zxxx-AU language, 2021, Macmillan Australia) 4 stars

Anika Molesworth fell in love with her family's farm, a sheep station near Broken Hill, …

en-Zxxx-AU, baby!

Dunno about everybody else perusing #BookWyrm book databases, but I find the shorthand much less irritating than words fixed firmly out of translation such that they clash with all but one language interface. Of course, not all language variants star in the language-subtag-registry, in which case I say name ’em in their own words! (Or close to as practicable). Getting to pointedly specify en-Latn, with nobody around yet to be potentially bothered by my acting as though particular scripts shouldn’t go without saying, has been one of the little joys of nesting into We Loved Your Book So Much We Ate It, actually. If I ever get to the braille library (gosh if it’s even still open to the public after all these years), I’ll be so excited to label editions on here nice and clearly.

Anyhoo, may I remember to reborrow audiobook loans part‐heard …