Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt

A Gardening Guide for South-eastern Melbourne

Paperback, 159 pages

English language

Published Oct. 1, 2002 by Earthcare St Kilda.

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5 stars (1 review)

Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt is a gardening book which will increase your understanding of the local environment and enable you to transform your garden into part of a more sustainable landscape by using indigenous plants in new and exciting ways. This book explains the benefits of choosing indigenous plant species and, offers the gardener practical advice in planning, planting and maintenance. Over 180 indigenous plants currently available in nurseries are described and illustrated. Planting tables and flowering diagrams help you to choose plants that will thrive in particular areas of your garden and introduce colour throughout the year.

2 editions

a grounded grounding

5 stars

Guess what sits top of the list Gardening in Naarm’s Sandbelt, where I wrote what seems review enough I figured I’d expand slightly on it with an actual one.

Grounded in the very geology of the place, this is a slim but rich introduction to a representative selection of local plant species, and assisting them in forming communities.

It is useful as! The authors strike a fine balance, which the clear presentation makes look so easy: being welcoming to beginners, reaching deep for the hardcore, and always keeping things convenient. It’s a surprise not to have met more books of this formula, as such guides could obviously be immensely beneficial in all kinds of places.

The text isn’t perfect. My biggest gripes are wordings that would confine Aboriginal practices to the past, and quite so readily condoning resort to rank pesticide.

I might have liked slightly more attention on …