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Going chunk by chunk, rather than a whole year at a time, and holding the figure up sometimes as a limit, sometimes as a goal actually worked really well for me. (It’s just no system could’ve held up to the chaos of last year!) So, I will string that approach [1] across into 2024, I reckon.

In terms of the current, I intend to examine every daily quotation of the Hobonichi Techo, over the course of the year. But I don’t want that looming unattainably in my shorter term goal–limit. Likewise, I hope to complete a lesson a week of Communicate in Greek for Beginners (assuming I enjoy it sufficiently), which would see that landing stuck only midyear or so.

Those short bursts of the written word are suiting me. My January mood by today has grown incredibly restless (not helped by a preemptive decision to not …