Course book + audio CD, 300 pages

el-Grek-GR, en-Latn-GR language

Published July 24, 2010 by Deltos Publishing / Εκδόσεις Δέλτος.

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Communicate in Greek for Beginners contains the material covered in Book 1 of the course “Επικοινωνήστε Ελληνικά”, which is addressed to late adolescent and adult learners of Modern Greek and follows an interesting, lively and thorough approach to Greek as it is spoken and written today.

Communicate in Greek for Beginners has been adapted to serve English speaking learners. Hence, exercise instructions, tips on grammar or other language points, and grammar explanations are given in English.

Once a student has completed this book he/she may continue studying the language by using Books 2 and 3 of the course “Επικοινωνήστε Ελληνικά”.

The book contains:

  • Dialogues
  • Texts
  • Oral exercises
  • Grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • Listening exercises
  • Grammar tables
  • An appendix in English containing explanatory notes on grammar and vocabulary together with some information on everyday life in Greece
  • A glossary with English translations
  • General instructions for the teacher
  • A key to the written …

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